Thursday, December 29, 2011

the makeup story, well... the topic will change. xD

The typical Me

Me: *Dabbing some powder on my nose while humming a random song.*
Ma: Oooo... you look super nice today. Are you going somewhere?
Me: *With beaming smile* Nope. I'm just gonna sit infront on my laptop and watch CSI Miami while downloading some Arashi stuffs.
Ma: *facepalm*
Me: *putting some blusher on my cheek and paints my lips red.*
Ma: *walks away*

Hello there~ I was bored so I acted like I was 9 years old and played with my make up set. xD

Wow. It's already the 3oth December. Tomorrow will be the last day of 2011. :(

I was pleased with 2011 but I can't wait for 2012. :D A new year, a new resolution, new hope, new stuffs to buy. * eyeing something nice at the computer shop*.

2012, here we come!

And the plot thickens

Ano ne, you all know that I am unemployed right now, right? So, most of you must be wondering what I do everyday.. or not, but I'm gonna tell you guys anyway.

Everday (except on Sundays) I wake up around 7 or 8 a.m. , depending on what time I go to sleep at night. My body have a weird biological clock. I go to sleep around 10 pm and wakes up 8.30 am. If I go to sleep around 3 am, I'll wake up around 6.30 am. Yea, it's so messed up.

So, I wake up. Then I wash up, go wake my younger brother, and brings my laptop and my external hardisk to the living room. Make myself comfortable on the dining table and sat down for hours and hour and hours.

What do I do when I'm sitting down there?

Various of things. Write fics (that's the only real meaningful thing I do right now), download things, updating my status in every social network websites that I joined, chat with my bff (if she's online), watch some youtube and job hunting.

Make some lunch, ate lunch, trying not to doze off. Then, watch some more things that had finish being downloaded.

Evening: Feed the turtles (all 13 of them), feed the goose, feed the chicken.

Then make dinner. Eat dinner. Surf the internet some more. Continue writing my fics.

After that!

Gather all my stuffs and bring it to my room. Continue what I do in my room until I feel sleepy. Then I sleep.

Then end.

Omg. That was the most boring post ever. I beg for your forgiveness by uploading my fav. pic of the moment.

Member-ai!!! (●^o^●) Byenara~

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This is a normal rant/rambling from a bored blogger.

It's another pointless post. Yay for me! Oh well, I guess this is due to the reason I posted about 47 post last year and I only posted 45 posts this year.


I said with horrified looks in my eyes.


And yes, that is how this post was created. :D

Ah, I want to make a pic spam post but I don't have much time. I'm going to my aunt's place. She's feeding us (my family and I) with Christmas food. :D So, I'll just rant and rant and some more rant. Ah, I like HSJ. Lol. That was random.

This is an old picture because there's still Ryutaro. God bless him and his adorable smile. Oh no.. Please don't be mistaken. He's not dead yet. Just got kicked out of Hey Say Jump and his agency because he was smoking underage. :(((

So, I am done rambling. I'm gonna go and take a bathe and get ready to go to my aunt's place. Later.

Merry Christmas all.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wishing you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

It's that time of the year again! :D.

Already did my Christmas shopping a few days back. Mama bought a new handbag, papa bought new clothes, and me? I bought a new lip balm. xD Way to go and spend 4 hour in the mall only to come home with a lip balm.

How time flew, ne?

It felt like it was just like week I posted my Christmas greeting in 2010.

Well, Merry Christmas everyone. Take care of your health and be careful so you won't get sick. Don't be a Grinch and try to ruin other people's Christmas. If you see a homeless it won't hurt to give them your change. Be good this Christmas!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

That old forgotten movie you wish to watch again :D

So okay, there's this little thing that has been bugging me since forever. Well, since I was young. When I was about 10 or 11 years old. I think I just saw the movie once and to be honest I don't really think it was a favourite or anything and honestly, I don't even know why (among the many movies I've seen since I was young) this movie was stuck in my head.

And so a few years back, I wanted to watch this movie again. Of course, I cannot remember the title of this movie and who the actors and actress are. All I remember was:

Not the face, but the yellow goggle and a bath tub. After countless time of Google-ing and fruitless search result, finally I found it. Yay! As the matter of fact, I found it just a few hours ago. :D

I don't effin' care. I am downloading this movie right now. For all time sake. :). Yay for me.

Apparently this is the movie you call before they-were-famous movie. We have Seth Green, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and some other notable entertainers.

Here, the wiki page.

So, you people can google it, find any downloadable links and and download it too. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My first crush

He's gonna waltz into this house and find me cleaning the fan (why the fan? I will never understand) and took my hand before kissing it lightly and swept me off my feet and into his white carriage and will ask me to marry him on the way to the castle.

We've been through that phase before (not sure about the boys) but when I was young, that was one of my fantasies that I when closing my eyes. When counting sheep doesn't work, my mind will wonder about marrying a prince. Well, Prince William in particular.

Holding hands and walking on the beach with the security guards about 100 feet behind us and we would laughing light heartedly as the guards try to hide behind the trees and buildings.

What's so charming about him? His good look? Broad shoulders? Royal lineage? The dashing smile? Yes. All of that!

But of course, all those fantasies are one of things of the past. My childish love towards this gorgeous being will always be a fleeting memory for me.

Congratulation on your wedding and may you and your wife be happy for all eternity. Both of you look good together. :D

May you have kids as many as those kids in the picture. >:D

Monday, October 24, 2011

Matsumoto Jun, why are you so gorgeous?

I've noticed Jun blossoming into a fine young man after watching a few episodes of Shiyagare and VSA. He's gotten... prettier? Yes.

To Jun,

You're one of my ichiban (God knows how many ichiban I have, though ichiban means number one, but spare me. I have only 1 ichiban in every JE groups, except for V6. I love them all.) May you have success in your life and in Arashi. Hope you get more prettier everyday. :D

... That's the normal side of me.

As for the crazy-fangirl side of me:

To my beloved, ever so gorgeous Jun.

Stay flawless. One day I'll fly to Japan and fetch you and have your babies.

Ok then. Later~

p/s: Just noticed that my background pic is Jun, the pic at the side bar has Jun and this post has Jun's pic. Lol. Obsessed much?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Watching Transformer 3: Revenge of the Fallen

Things that cross my mind when watching sci-fi action flick.

"If this was real life, repair would be a b*tch"


And Optimus Prime's voice is so gorgeous. I wish the actor who does Optimus's voice be the narrator in all movies. :D

Monday, October 17, 2011

Desperate Housewives marathon.

I'm doing a Desperate Housewives marathon so nobody, and I mean, NOBODY is allowed to bother me.

I've done Season 1-3 and am on Season 4 now. A little comment from me:

Bree Van de Kamp: Does she has OCD? She was kinda annoying, and like Andrew (her son) I did hate her a little. She seems like a very cold hearted woman. It was Andrew's fault too. Trying to make her angry to the point where she hates him enough to leave him at a gas station in a middle of nowhere. I'm loving the crazy her too. Like when she broke out from the mental institution to save her daughter, Danielle.

Lynette Scavo: A devoted mom, that is kinda scary and strict. Her boys are so... bad mannered. I don't blame Bree spanking one of the twins. They don't listen. And yes, I was kinda angry at Tom (her husband) for telling her he has an illegitimate love child with a woman because of a one night stand. I can see how Lynette is trying hard to save her marriage.

Gabrielle Solis: She's very very funny. She loves Carlos, but still have affair with her hot gardener, for a year! I cried together with her when the police took her adopted daughter, Lily away from her and Carlos because the birth mother wants custody over the child. She was also working hard to save her marriage, yet, Carlos had an affair with their Chinese maid Xiao Mei who was also the surrogate mother for their new baby. Of course, the baby didn't came out the way they wanted the baby to be due to a little mix up at the fertilization clinic.

Susan Mayer: I kinda hate her. Her and that clingy attitude of hers. She got the doctor as a boyfriend but blew it up when she said she loves Mike. Yes, I do find her annoying. Sorry Susan.

Mary Alice Young: She seems like a nice lady, other than the fact that she chopped Diedre's body and stuffed it in a wooden toy box to hide the evidence. The story kinda begin after she killed herself. I pity her husband, Paul Young and Zachery Young going through the death of a family member due to suicide.

Man, I wrote a long essay. And that's just the main characters. I really love Edie Britt. She's too pitiful to be laugh at. Susan took Mike away from her, burnt her house, slept with her fiancee and got her stung by yellow jacket bees. I really pity her. I only wish for her happiness in the next season. :D

So, I'm off again. Bye!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Watching Thor just for the gorgeous body.

Had just finish watching Thor and boy, do I feel happy.

I felt angry. Why? Because Thor (Chris Hemsworth) should not wear any t-shirt. He should be half naked so the audience will be distracted. The movie is not that good, but I do like the casts. :) The story line is nice, as well as the CG.

Again, emphasizing on the casts, Thor/the actor playing Thor has a really gorgeous body. :) *drools*

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween is coming

In the spirit of Halloween, I changed my layout. It is still Matsujun. I'm Matsujun-obsessed, so sue me.


It look really plain. I like it.

Ah, my country don't celebrate Halloween btw. I just like to get in the mood. I'm gonna go and find some pumpkin tomorrow. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

A new addition to the family

Welcoming Pierre into the family. The turtle family, I mean. He has 9 other brothers/sisters. Welcome, welcome~~~ We should celebrate. :D

You can see a bit of Alfred's shell on the bottom left corner. Alfred~~~

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What should we do today?

Shall I make another picspam? Should I?

Who will be our next subject? Or shall I make Kaku Kento Picspam Part 2. xD

Internet, you should not leave me hanging on a thread. I need good internet connection.

I need segregate the pic. I think some of my RL pic might be mixed up with those idols pics. xD

you evil-looking-gorgeous-man you.

If one day I can meet you, the first thing I would say will be:

I should make a police report. You stole my heart and now I want yours. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........

oh the craziness. when you you end?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kento Kaku PIC SPAM

So, continuing from yesterday's madness, I will post some Kento Kaku pics. *cross fingers hoping for good internet connection.*

images are taken from:

our good friend Google

Tumblr: 1, 2, 3

Livejournal: How Amuse-ing! , Kento-Kaku

You lovely people.

Oh yea, there's tons more pic of this lovely creature. Request and I'll upload/post it. :D *fears her internet connection might turn its back against her*

To end this post, a lovely Kento Kaku as a female student from the drama Asuko March!

matta ne~~