Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My first crush

He's gonna waltz into this house and find me cleaning the fan (why the fan? I will never understand) and took my hand before kissing it lightly and swept me off my feet and into his white carriage and will ask me to marry him on the way to the castle.

We've been through that phase before (not sure about the boys) but when I was young, that was one of my fantasies that I when closing my eyes. When counting sheep doesn't work, my mind will wonder about marrying a prince. Well, Prince William in particular.

Holding hands and walking on the beach with the security guards about 100 feet behind us and we would laughing light heartedly as the guards try to hide behind the trees and buildings.

What's so charming about him? His good look? Broad shoulders? Royal lineage? The dashing smile? Yes. All of that!

But of course, all those fantasies are one of things of the past. My childish love towards this gorgeous being will always be a fleeting memory for me.

Congratulation on your wedding and may you and your wife be happy for all eternity. Both of you look good together. :D

May you have kids as many as those kids in the picture. >:D

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