Saturday, July 31, 2010

XML class = dying class

I almost fell asleep when XML class started. I was nodding and when the lecturer spoke up, I look at Fatira looking rather refreshed and three minutes later I was back to that routine. Well, less than an hour left. NEED TO LOOK FRESH.

My brain is fill with Saliva Tuesday draft and my muse is begging me to write new fic. 2 of my fics, Sad Depressing Ending Haha^^ and I love My Master was really fun to do and I'm planning to do more one shot.

Aaaa... finally, class is over. at 17.20. *sigh*

Thank God I didn't pass out from boredom.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Tomorrow is Saturday and I have a class tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is freaking Saturday and I have Database class. To make matters worst, the class starts at 8.30 am. Which means I have to wake up before 7. SEVEN DAMN IT!

But good thing about tomorrow is, Bon-odori Festival at Matsushita Stadium. Bon-Odori was a festival I wanted to go since I was in middle school. I didn't care the car rent was almost 100 bucks and I will mostly spend more than 100 bucks during the festival, but who care. Ah, me and 4 other friends also share the car.

I want to bang my head on something. Ah, I found it.

Try it people. It's fun~ I gotta go. Hahaha..