Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daesung accident.

I'm not very in too Korean idols but I managed to make Big Bang as an exception. As a Big Bang fan, of course I've watched episodes of Family Outing and saw in every episodes how Daesung made a fool of himself for the sake of comedy. There were times when I thought he wasn't Korean's TOP idol actually.

Sadly, he got into an accident yesterday. :(

And... someone died.

I shall post what I've found through AKP. :(

The Seoul Youngdeung-Po Police Department has released an official statement on May 31st about Daesung’s role in the car accident, stating, “Daesung has violated his duty to drive safely.”

The police explained: “At 1:28AM, Daesung was driving in the first lane from Hapjeong-dong in the direction of Yangpyung-dong on a 4-lane road. He was driving at 80km per hour (speed limit is 60km/h) and crashed into a stopped taxi after driving over a motorcyclist who was passed out on the street.”

They continued, “We will carry out a more detailed examination by monitoring the CCTV collected around the accident site, as well as gathering eyewitness reports and understanding the path of the motorcycle. We have requested an autopsy on the victim from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori (his co-star in Family Outing) tweeted her worries, “I know that Daesung always blames himself for everything even though it’s not his fault, thus I’m more saddened and worried for him.”

Source: AKP

As you can see from below, the motorcyclist was already on the road when Daesung hit him. Still unsure whether the motorcyclist was already dead or was still alive when he/she was on the road.

I hope Daesung will be alright. :'(

Friday, May 20, 2011

Inspiration slapped my face and now... ヽ(´▽`)/

Am writing a new fic right now. Since I haven't written any JunBa in a while (lol, or any of the Arashi boys pairing), I thought I should do my latest work about them. Move aside RyoPi, we got a new fave pairing.

I commemoration of this one shot project, I've collected and made a gif of the JunBa love. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, my next project is OhMiya.

Meh, I don't like this pairing much, that's why no love to them. Lets just see how it goes.

Later all~

/edit: It is just me or does Blogspot just hates GIF? *Rolling eyes and find other alternatives to put the gif.*

Thursday, May 19, 2011



This is the class trip that my class went on. We went to Sabah for 5 days 4 nights. (+2 nights at the airport). :D

Above is the picture of my first chicken curry ever! 1st time cooking curry and I never thought my first time cooking curry will be using a rice cooker. Lol.

Aa.. If you notice, most of the pic only contains my pic, not the class pic. I'm a freaking narcissist. So sue me. :P

I'm gonna go and study now. My 3P exam is next week. And when I did my quiz exercise, I only got 2/5 correct, and that, I was using my book. Damn. *tsk-ed at myself*

So, I'll drop by again later. Ja~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alpaca and Ice Skating

I recently watched Kanjani 8's Janiben show. It cracked me up so I decided to put 1 print screen to show how funny the show was.

Nite iru!!

You can download this episode at: o-e-sub.LJ

(this is the episode where the Japan's Miss Universe contestant came to their show. They ate, played with Alpaca and ate some more.

When I first saw that alpaca, of course I 'Kyaaaa'-ed and 'kawaiiiii'-ed so much when they showed that adorable alpaca. I thought Alpaca and Llama are the same animal, apparently not.

Below is an image that differentiate between and alpaca and a llama. :)

I now have the utmost respect for Alpaca, for being adorable. *still blabbering "adabaododahahsajiasudf" nonsense due to the alpaca's cuteness.*


Yesterday I went ice skating with Fatira. It was soooo fun. Yesterday's tentative:

10 am: Waited for the bus
12.30 pm: Arrived in Sunway Pyramid. Pushing people while screaming silently in my own mind, "move b*tch!". So Fatira and I went to Hartz and ate for about 2 hours. It's a buffet sooooo I ate a lot and confessed to Fatira that I am a carnivorous dinosaur rather than what she always saw me as a herbivorous dinosaur (...kind, gentle and does not eat like a person that haven't had any food for almost 3 weeks. LOL).
2.30-3.30 pm: Wandering around, shopping for cheap things at Daisho Japan.
3.30 pm: Ice skating with Fatira. I'm really proud of myself for being able to learn it quickly and skated by myself without any help after a few laps. Fatira still slowly getting the hang of it. New motto: Don't skate with someone who's weak in ice skating, i.e Fatira. She will drag you down. I never fell when I skated alone and when I tried to guide her, it ended with me falling on my knees. Hmmm..

8 pm: Ate a t Chicken Rice.
9 pm: Take a bus back to my uni. :)

It was soooooooo much fun~~ :) I want to do it again.