Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The same old love song.

Urgh.. My head feels like it'll explode anytime soon. I can feel the pulse in my eyes. I tried to sleep but, I think I've slept too long this morning.

Been dipping my finger in the peanut butter bottle and licking it since half an hour ago, hoping I would feel less bored today. I tried to continue my fic but ideas just won't come to mind. I tried reading the articles for my AV assignments but regardless of the many article titles, I don't think any of it related to my topic. So, I tried to do my Archive's report. It got me going till 8th page before I got bored again. So, I watched movies. (-_-). It got me sleepy and when I did try to sleep, my headache worsen. So, here I am, typing in my blog and surfing the blogspot, hoping I'll find some unlocked blog for me to read. Then I realized, I don't read other people's blogs to know what their feelings and what they ramble.

I don't expect people to read my blog. Heck, I don't even care if people read my blog and find it's boring. I guess I don't want to be the typical blog writer who writes anything amusing in their mind, for the sake to amuse their reader.

Oh f*ck.

Isn't that's the reason why people create their blog in the first place?

And here I thought Blogspot was to write anything, even the un amusing things.


I'm going back to bed. There's still two hours left till my lab test.


(dipping my finger in the peanut butter bottle for the last time before going up my double Decker-bed)


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Top that~
I managed to clean my Local Disk C. *Proud of myself.*
Last week I only had less than 10 GB left. *smug look on my face*

Friday, August 20, 2010

Watching the simpsons~

Me and the adorable Bobo. I think the owner, my housemate, gave Bobo a french name. -MetroDodo or something. :D

Isn't he/she cute?

The cute bottom

Kiss. <3

I'm gonna go back to writing my fic again.

All of the sudden, I want to become a writer when I grow up. :D

I'm having second thoughts. I want to continue my study in museum, but it seems that it only has in New Zealand or in the US. Hmmm... should I continue my studies?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I just want to cry

God, I need strength now.

I opened my facebook today. Someone's dad died a few hours ago. She wasn't my relative or my friend. She's not even on my friend's list. She's my friend's friend. I wanted to cry. I don't know why but I just want to. I fell like calling my parents right now (it's 23:34 pm) and asked them are they okay and please find it in their hearts to forgive all the sins I've done. I don't know why, but I'm feeling really sad today. I logged on my YM, and I got an offline message from my Indonesian friend, saying a relative of hers died from heart cancer. My tears almost drop. God, please take good care of the departed ones and place them in a better place.

They're not related to me in every way but somehow I can feel sadness engulfs me.

My thoughts are those who lost someone they love today. May God bless their souls and let them rest in peace.