Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where did my money go?

Finally back in Puncak Perdana. Boring apartments with boring people with boring food. Bleh.. Oh, great news. I got 4 red packets during the CNY. Ureshi na~

Then, I spent about 100 bucks, in 2 days duration. Doing what? Eating at Kenny Roger, Sushi King, buying DVDs, travel expenses.

What did all 100 bucks went? Well, pictures tells a thousand words:

Went to watch movie in Times Square with Aziah. Watched Wolfman. Hmmm... I'll give it 3 out of 5 star. Some of the scene was very costume like. The CG was great but when it was costumed, I felt like watching MJ's Thriller. Though, MJ was zombie? Anyhow, it could still be improved. :D

After that, got hungry and went to Sushi King. Ate Curry Omelette with Cheese on top. Oh, I help a foreigner to order their food. Yay for me. :D

Yummm... the ocha.

The fish egg on top sushi. XD. Forgive my lack of knowledge in knowing the sushi's name.

Me looking tired but still hyped. :D

The DVD that Aziah and I bought. I just finished watching DMC and DROP. I'll give both 4.5 stars. :D

DMC didn't disappoint me even it was in animated version. I loved the anime as much as the live-action which Matsuyama Ken'ichi acted as Krauser II or Shouji. :D Matsuyama is famous as L from the movie Death Note and as the sempai which the 1 litre of Tears girl like.

As for DROP, the main actors were superbs. I really love the fighting scene. The camera angle really captures the way they fought and I thought I was watching Crows Zero II all over again. I really love watching Crows Zero because of the fighting scene. Wonderfully captured on screen. I'll give two thumbs up for both.

Right now, gonna watch either:

Konkatsu! (Marriage Hunting!) which Nakai Masahiro (SMAP) acts together with Sato Ryuta (he acted in Kisarazu Cats Eye and Bambino) and Aya Ueto. I downloaded because of Sato Ryuta and Nakai Masahiro, because I never watched any drama or movies that has Nakai acted in it.

Love Shuffle, which has DAIGO, Tamaki Hiroshi, Karina, Matsuda Shota and some other great casts in it.

Saigo no Yakusoku. Do I even need the reason? It has all Arashi members in it. Though, the last 3 movies that has Arashi in it was kind of a flop. But, this brings some new promises and even the preview is nice.

Arashi tv show. I haven't catched up all the shows that I've downloaded. LOL.

So, decision... decision. I'd probably end up watching Kirei Naru Spies which Fukuda Kyoko acts with Tomoya Nagase. I've watched the first 10 minutes and it shows very interesting aspect which attracts me to watch it. Haha..

Ok, I'm gonna watch some drama or movie now, enjoying the few last moments before my wonderful holiday ends.

Stay away from drugs and stay in school. Ja~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Me and the food. :D

Hello comrades, people and all human being. It's me again~

Okay, gonna post some piccie of eating at secret recipe a few weeks ago and eating the cny dinner a few days ago. Though I only took pic of the appetizer.

New york cheese and choco mud is mine along with the coffee. Fatira's are the tiramisu and another choco cake.

Me enjoying my coffee.

The decoration at Sunway Pyramid

CNY Dinner~ Cute evil-looking bunny.

I ate its' butt off

Mochi mochi like. Inside is pandan. Oishiiii~

Okay, until here for now. Ja~

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Came back from dinner yesterday, watched GLee with my cousins and fell asleep around 12 am. I didn't notice the fireworks, which my aunt said was in full blast after 12. :D

Maybe because I drank a bit too much wine yesterday, and a bit tired from the journey from my campus to my uncle's place. Haha.. Well, the food was nice. And pretty too. I'll ask one of my cousins upload it in his FB later. Too lazy to transfer from my own handphone. Reason: Missing bluetooth. XD

Woke up early this morning, some house in the neighbourhood got the lion dance team dancing in front of the their house.

So. gotta go. they're preparing lunch. It's rather rude to just see them struggle while I surfing the net.


Happy Chinese New Year!


Happy Valentine's Day

And to all us single people, cheers for us~


So sleepy

I fell asleep when watching my cousins playing ps3, sitting. OMG. I'm so sleepy. Maybe because lack of sleep.

Gotta go. CNY dinner. :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bored and Hungry

Second official and boring post.

I am very hungry. I just devoured 4 slices of breads and a cup of hot 3 in 1 Milo (thank you Aziah) and haven't eaten any rice since 2 days ago. I don't have any appetite for rice and because of that I'm starving.

My uncle is picking me up at KL Sentral tomorrow. CNY with him and family. But he hasn't replied my messages and my post in his FB. What time is he picking me up tomorrow??!!

I feel lonely. All 4 of my housemates 'inaka e kaerimashita' -went back home yesterday and this morning.. Tomorrow, another 2 is also going back. T_T. I never felt much lonelier. Here, I want to kiss the ground the inventor of internet and websites walks on. Thank you internet. You made my life worth while.

Finally, word of advice:

Peace out yo~

Grand Opening * camera flashes*

Finally opened a blogspot. Not that I really need one. My LJ is already dying because I left it far too long. *Lol*

Okay, this is the official blog opening in blogspot. *throws confetti*

Name: Kino no Kioku.
Means: Yesteday's Memory

Fitting ne? A blogspot being a place to store memories and stuff. Huhuhu.. It's better than having it called "Down memory lane." OMG. So tacky and very Hallmark card's plagiarized.

Why in Japanese?
I study Japanese as my third language so, there would be some Japanese words inserted in some of my posts later. Hahaha...

Ah, almost forgot. English is not my primary language and I spoke broken Malay as well. Bahasa Sarawak is a language I learnt during 3 years of my diploma and I'm getting good at it. My friends all critized me when I speak very Semenanjung-like and I'm not very fluent with the languages my mom and dad brought me up with (Kayan and Kenyah). But dispite all that, I'm a learner and if I spoke very broken English with improper use of grammar, tenses and other things, forgive me. I'm only human. :D

My name: Marcia
Nickname: Marucchi or some in LJ know me as k~!@#$%^ (not telling cuz LJ is my other private life)

Q n A

I am....

~ a student
~ obsessed with Japanese variety show
~ a procrastinator
~ part time stalker
~ a sarcastic person
~ a caffaine addict
~ a yaoi fan (used to be, but not so much now)
~ not very fond of going out and mingle with people.
~ a reserve person with weird preferences.
~ a fan of John Denver, Andrea Bocelli, Elvis Presley, Jim Reeves, Ray Charles.
~ in love with Sho Sakurai and Matsujun.
~ in love with the color red and green.

Wow~ So many things! Haha.. Well, I'll come back later. Ja~