Monday, October 24, 2011

Matsumoto Jun, why are you so gorgeous?

I've noticed Jun blossoming into a fine young man after watching a few episodes of Shiyagare and VSA. He's gotten... prettier? Yes.

To Jun,

You're one of my ichiban (God knows how many ichiban I have, though ichiban means number one, but spare me. I have only 1 ichiban in every JE groups, except for V6. I love them all.) May you have success in your life and in Arashi. Hope you get more prettier everyday. :D

... That's the normal side of me.

As for the crazy-fangirl side of me:

To my beloved, ever so gorgeous Jun.

Stay flawless. One day I'll fly to Japan and fetch you and have your babies.

Ok then. Later~

p/s: Just noticed that my background pic is Jun, the pic at the side bar has Jun and this post has Jun's pic. Lol. Obsessed much?

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