Friday, March 19, 2010

I.L.U Mountain Pi~

Other than the screechy from my housemate singing since two hours ago, this has been a very pleasant day off. Class was canceled for today and test or assignments didn't even cross my mind,even one bits. Did some katakana, just to fill the time while watching Arashi's concert TIME. Ate an instant noodle and a few slices of bread for brunch. :D

Then, in the evening watched Paco and the Magical book. Shed a few tears at the end and overall the movie was really great. I love the plot and the characters as well. I'd give it 4.5/5 stars
I have different respect for frogs and crayfish now. :D. Go Toad Prince!

Great news. I'm coming home on 23rd or 24th of April. My last paper is on the 22nd. How happy is that news. What's more exciting, I only have 1 paper this semester. :D I have to say, there were many of my friends got jealous of that fact. But what they didn't know was, I stay up till the crack of dawn to study and to finish up my assignments that's due with close dates, while they're snoring loudly.

Tomorrow I'm going to the main campus's library to do some research about environmental control and prevention programmes in the archives. :D . Today is the only day for me to rest. Starting tomorrow, the tough regime of studying and finishing up assignment starts. I wonder when can I eat another decent meal like what I had for dinner. Aaaahh... time is never here.

Owh, I gotta to go. But before I leave, please.. Be my guest and drool at Yamapi's coolness.

Yamapi: Yes Marcia, you're the one for me~

Friday, March 12, 2010

Enough is enough.

That is enough. I've tolerate enough. I've had enough. I don't want to give a damn anymore. No more miss goody two shoes. That's it.

I don't want to see you anymore. I feel angry and left behind. You're never there when I need you but I will always be there to help you along the way.

Fine. If you want it like that, I'll treat you that way.

Never associate yourself with me anymore. Do whatever you want. I won't bother to acknowledge you anymore.

I won't treat you the same, just like how you're treating me now. I will not to hate you, for hating is a strong emotion. Though, in terms of a group of people, I HATE YOU PEOPLE! can be used, because it's a collective responsibility.

Lets just drift apart. I don't want to be your buddy buddy or your shoulder to lean on. I just don't want anymore.

Just go and never talk to me again. Just go away.

thank you.

-the obviously pissed off-

edit: I hate these people I call friends. Whomever you are.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello everyone!

Good morning world! *looks at the clock* 11.53 am, giri giri safe!

Starts a new day. Small updates:

-My cereal has all been eaten up. T_T no money to buy some more. I WANT CEREAL!
-Having an open book test this evening. Just covered chapter 3 and 4.
-Only 2 pages left for my trouble shooting essay and I'm free! Hopefully finish it by Friday.
-There's 2 tests next week. Tuesday and Thursday.
-Will submit an article review next Thursday but still haven't started to find those damn articles.
-My laptop hinges broke. Not one, but on both sides. Wow for me and there goes my 150 bucks!

Okay, 'nuff said. Let the pictures tell the story!

My baby!

I felt like crying seeing it like this

Done. It's all bare. T_T

What a perfect weekend is supposed to be like. My hinges broke the day after I bought the pizza and ate in front of it.


Can't believe I found this in the uni's library. Yay for the complete edition of this encyclopedia.

That's all for today. Come by later when I upload more images. :D
BYE~ *waving enthusiastically*

Monday, March 8, 2010

At the library

Me and Fatira are supposed to finds several articles regarding Preservation of Cultural Heritage, and there she is, oogling her facebook. *Lol*

Tomorrow, our class is having a trip to a memorial. Combine with another class. Hopefully it would be much fun as I anticipated. :D

Another thing is, I bought a new something something which cost my 1 month budget. I won't tell what it is, but one thing is for sure, I really didn't need it when I bought it and certainly I don't think I have the slightest regret buying it. :D. Way to go staying positive. XD.

Oh, other agenda on life. My laptop hinch broke, both side. Way to go M-chan! IT cost me 150 buck! OMG!! My beloved money.


But I'll just stay positive and be optimistic. Ja, osakini. :D

Friday, March 5, 2010

This old heart starts beating again. :D

Lol at the title first. Hello and good morning everyone! It's 4 in the morning and here I am, unable to sleep, again. It's more like a routine for me now, sleep around dawn and wake up before 9. XD

The days are still hot and most of the time, I'd be lying on my bed and be satisfied with the fan.

Our class is planning to organize a class trip to Malacca either next semester or the end of this semester. I, of course, am very excited, because during my diploma years, I don't think my class has ever organized any trip to another state. I'm giving my 120% cooperation in fund raising for this trip.

Ah, right now I am currently making this "Ma-chan's trip to Japan Foundation". I'm doing legal business, though I won't mention what it is, it's not drug or alcohol, that's for sure. Business is going great and I had a lot of fun with the customers, sharing information interests and improving my social skills.

And I found out that I'm not as depressed and anti social like I used to be. I now can go out and find joy in communicating to people. I read somewhere that if a person got depressed and kept it bottle inside, they are prone to commit suicide. Urgh, scary. Thank goodness I'm not that type.

Okay, putting aside that rather serious and depressing topic, my old heart starts beating again. I don't mean that my heart didn't beat at all, all these times. But my heart went dokidoki dokidoki. :D

It's because of my old obsession for Yamapi~

I knew the existence of Johnny's kids because of my love for Yamapi from Kurosagi drama during my diploma years. It took me a while to adapt with Jpop because my main stream was Jrock. Then, I learnt about V6, the next fandom after Yamapi. After a while, I learnt there was a group of young man, talented and good looking and their group was given the name Arashi. Though, V6 is still top on my most favorite Johnny's of all time. Gomen ne, Arashi no minna san. XD

And after that, I started to collect and download Arashi and V6's variety show, even now. I totally left NEWS behind because for me the only one who really shines in that group is Yamapi, only. And downloading things that has NEWS as a whole is really wasting my external hard disk space. I don't really remember when was the last time I downloaded any Yampi or NEWS things except for yesterday. I don't know what happened, whether I got high or I was really stressed out and I suddenly decided to download Yamapi's PV-Loveless. OMG.

♥♥♥ I FELL IN LOVE ♥♥♥

I can't believe all these time, I was too focused on Arashi, I forgot the existance of Yamapi. I'm much happier now. Maybe it's because I watched too much Arashi, that can last me 3 lifetime, that I got bored and watching other faces made my day. Maybe.

Still, there's one thing for sure, which is: I still hate Kanjani 8 (even there's Ryo in it) and KAT TUN is a group of people that I can never approve of. And other thing is, I still despise Korean drama and artists. I watched Super Junior's PV - Sorry Sorry, and I actually fell sorry for them. What's with the half ass dance and the rather cheap pv? The dance was horrible especially the chorus part. I cannot bring myself to forgive them, for doing such.. such.. such ugly dance. I watched Big Bang's-Koe wo Kikasete and found the PV rather pleasent. And even when they perform it live, the dance move was.. okay and not too conceited. Just simple body movements, which wasn't too bad. It was good. So, I kept the Big Bang's video in my hard disk. Super Junior's Sorry... is being placed neatly in the recycle bin. Gomen ne~

Finally, the image of the lovely oujisama that recently made my heart go KYUNNNN~

. . .

How to say it... Ermmm... the internet refuses to accept Yamapi's pic that I uploaded. Blame the internet. Not me. Next time la I upload it again. Gomen, ne.

And to end it, a love confession.

Marcia Yamapi. *Kyaaaaaaaa*

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hot! Atsui! Panas!

The heat is unbearable. I made myself clear to not go out around 11-2 pm unless necessary (class). I rather skip a meal than die from the intense heat.

I'm just wearing tank top and short pants, a combination that I rarely used. Water is necessary and I kept a bottle of water next to me in bed.

Other than the unbearable heat, my PC maintenance test this evening was something that was over my expectation. If I was the only one who didn't knew the answers, it may be my fault because I just studied yesterday. I was a bit surprise seeing all of my classmate open their books or notes. And I think, when the lecturer noticed it, he went outside for ten minutes. To give was so the students can discuss among themselves. The question was really hard. Only 50% was in the notes and the rest of the answers were from the book that the lecturer didn't encourage us to buy because of the price.


Other than that, my friend Lina chan asked my opinion about the drug deals in Mexico. But, my information about drug deals in Mexico is very shallow. I want to introduce Pablo Escobar to her, because for me, he is one of the most influential drug lord of all time, aside from Joaquín Guzmán. But I'm still curious of why she wants to know about the drug deal in Mexico. Hmmm... :D

Okay. Updates on the movies and drama that I just watched.

Akai Ito Movie - I really like the drama and watching the movie was like watching the drama but skipped a lot of the really good scenes in it. The movie only had gist of the drama and I felt the ending was hanging. The plot was still original, like the movie and there was no major changes to the plot. Atsushi and Mei are still fated to be together but the ending made it look like fate wasn't on their side and it wasn't the happy ending I was looking for. Still, I love the plot and the movie would actually be good for some people who doesn't like to waste half a day to watch the drama. 3/5 stars.

Gokusen the Movie - The Johnny kids source of income. See here, Gokusen 1 - Matsujun Gokusen 2 - Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya and Gokusen 3 is Takaki Yuya. The plot is still the same, Yankumi is still being hated by her 3D class and at the end of the day, she will save her "precious student". Only in the movie, Ren (Miura Haruma) is suspected for being a drug dealer. And then, there's the whole 3D alumni. Yankumi's previous students and her met accidently. And yada-yada-yada. Actually, I haven't finished watching the whole movie yet. Just until the part Kazama Ren was suspected for drug. I think I'm still halfway through. It's rather boring, the movie. If it wasn't for the ikimen actors, I don't think I'd download the movie. 2/5 stars

Shonen Merikensack - A hilarious movie starred by Aoi Miyazaki and the other great cast. About OL lady, scouting a punk band, because she saw the band's last performance on the internet. What she didn't know was the video was taken 15 years ago and was recently uploaded to the internet. All the members of the bands are 50++ ojisan. A hilarious movie and opened my eyes a bit about punk music. I kinda like their song. Though, I didn't understand what the gibberish they were singing about. :D. Highly recommended. 5/5 stars

Dear Doctor - About a doctor in a rural village. I have this thing for men that wears uniforms and wear quater pants. So, basically I downloaded because of Eita and his prettiness wearing his doctor coat, with pink shirt underneath and quater pants. Blame me and my weird kinks. XD. It's a rather slow movie. Most Japanese movie that isn't the hilarious type would have slow plot. Hmm... I wonder why. I'll give it 3.5/5 stars

So, my post today would end here. It's been great writting some random things in a blog that I know no one would visit. *Throws confetti*


Finally, a pic, to show how hot it is. Though, it's just google pic. :D