Monday, February 28, 2011


What the heck is LIBRARY ACTIONS?!

That's my take home quiz questions. Dang.

I'm hating this questions. :(

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not feeling well.

Ate duck flavored instant noodle and 4 sausages. I want to throw up after eating the sausages. Would that be rude? Because I bought those sausages from my room mate. :(

Monday, February 21, 2011

Accomplish. Banzai banzai banzaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!


I'VE FINISHED MY ASSIGNMENT! IT'S SO PRETTY. Laying there on my table, 2 finished reports. :D

Now, what's left is to print my assignment that will be submitted on Friday then I'm free for the week. :D

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I feel like this old man right now. Credits to Google image.

I slept for 3 hours last night. I can't sleep. Insomnia perhaps? I finished my assignment that was due this Friday but I was to lazy to do my other assignment that was due on Tuesday and Wednesday. Now, as sleepy as I am, no matter how heavy my head feels, I MUST FINISH MY ASSIGNMENT!

Typing here is just another excuse to run away from my work. :D

Friday, February 18, 2011

Novels that I got for a very good price. TOTEMO YASUI DESU!

7 novels (6 of them are thriller, suspense type and another 1 is the philosophical type) I bought in Chowrasta Market in Penang. :D. (I just remembered I bought them. LOL)


Mitch Albom

Lee Child or Wikipedia

James Rollins or Wikipedia

Jon Trace [gomen, I cannot find any info on him. ): ]

The books I bought, though all this images are taken from Google because I'm too lazy to get my camera and snap then load it in my laptop. I am very lazy. :D

-There's still 2 more images that refuse to be uploaded. I will edit it again when I'm on the internet-

Oh yea, I've finished reading Five People You Meet in Heaven (I shed some tears) and recently I'm reading James Rollins' Sandstorm. :D

Though, it kinda confused me somehow. Especially DARPA and SIGMA and everything. It didn't make any sense but I guess I'll have to read till the end to understand, right. Oh I wish Mr. Dan Brown would write another novel. I really like Robert Langdon series. His earlier work, such as Deception Point and Digital Fortress didn't amuse me much.

Brown has stated that he has ideas for about 12 future books featuring Robert Langdon. -wikipedia-


*small voice* though I didn't like the ending of The Lost Symbol very much. :( I got addicted to Dan Brown when I read Angels & Demons. :D

Oh, I need to sleep. It's 3.30 am already. Good night people.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Realizing reality

I just realized something. I am a shota con. A freaking Shota con.

You and that cute sing song voice and adorable face of yours!
I swear I will start crying if I stare at his face much longer. -_-

Shota con : A woman who likes younger guys.

If I can put crying emoticon here, I would put it. I adore younger guys. I already told my friends that they should expect my range of possible boyfriend turn husband would either be 6 years younger or older. I don't actually want the same age as me. -_- yes, call me lame and baka, I'll accept it.

And I realized, I'm human after all. I've been reading shoujo manga all day, today. It made me want to experience the romance *bit handkerchief*. That made me a possible otaku as well. And all these times.. I thought my heart was made of rock or what's left of my heart was turned into charcoal. *tears* I do have human heart.

Otaku: Someone who is obsessed with anime, manga and video game.

Ah. I see. I do not play video games much and I can count the amount of anime I've watched. Probably 30 anime (accumulate for my whole life, so far) . But, I have to say. I love manga. Very much.

Lol, this manga made me drool.

Ooo.. Prince.. You're so cool!!

Miwa... You're so pretty.

Blood might spurt out of my nose if I read more chapters, I'm still at volume 4, because some of the chapters are corrupted. :(

Prince made me drool, but I'm much more attracted to Wicked. purrrr *naughty cat sound* The real Gui (I mean the professor Gui not the Gui in Second Life) is so kakkoi/cool. I can't find any decent picture of Gui. Gomen ne...

Shit.. that just made me one of the otaku. *palm face*

*Sigh* Now, I can finally embrace my inner Shota con otaku ness and faced the world without any regrets!




I'm loving this group. I just got to love SMAP recently, as recent as, June last year. :D. I adore them to bits. I used to like Goro when I first saw SMAP, but now I'm rooting for Shingo. He's freaking adorable.

This is a random edited picture I did of them. I love SMAP's 2008 concert Super Modern Artistic Performance. I will download their new concert 'We Are SMAP' as soon as I have stable internet connection. Yea, it seems I adore SMAP more than I adore Arashi now. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Partying hard!

I'm lol-ing at Yamapi's drunk picture. Those Johnnys' boys shouldn't be given booze or drugs, at all. This is what happens when one had too much to drink. They should just stay at home and drink milk.



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