Friday, September 23, 2011

A new addition to the family

Welcoming Pierre into the family. The turtle family, I mean. He has 9 other brothers/sisters. Welcome, welcome~~~ We should celebrate. :D

You can see a bit of Alfred's shell on the bottom left corner. Alfred~~~

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What should we do today?

Shall I make another picspam? Should I?

Who will be our next subject? Or shall I make Kaku Kento Picspam Part 2. xD

Internet, you should not leave me hanging on a thread. I need good internet connection.

I need segregate the pic. I think some of my RL pic might be mixed up with those idols pics. xD

you evil-looking-gorgeous-man you.

If one day I can meet you, the first thing I would say will be:

I should make a police report. You stole my heart and now I want yours. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........

oh the craziness. when you you end?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kento Kaku PIC SPAM

So, continuing from yesterday's madness, I will post some Kento Kaku pics. *cross fingers hoping for good internet connection.*

images are taken from:

our good friend Google

Tumblr: 1, 2, 3

Livejournal: How Amuse-ing! , Kento-Kaku

You lovely people.

Oh yea, there's tons more pic of this lovely creature. Request and I'll upload/post it. :D *fears her internet connection might turn its back against her*

To end this post, a lovely Kento Kaku as a female student from the drama Asuko March!

matta ne~~

Monday, September 5, 2011

Asuko March

Jdrama marathon. Just finish watching BOSS 2 and Liar Game season 2 and Around 40 last week. I love all three drama. Amami Yuki is a goddess. :D Kichise Michiko looks gorgeous wearing the same suit. :D

Ii na... Falling in love with a young handsome man when you're 40. You are too handsome, Fujiki Naohito san~~


And as for Asuko March... I do love harem and all (I feel bad putting love and harem in the same sentence) but for the main character Nao played by Takei Emi to fall for the not so handsome host, supposedly the ikemen Yokoyama Aruto played by Matsuzaka Tori is just a no-no for me. He should have been with his client, Kyoko something played by Matsuyama Mary.

I was kinda excited to see Nao in a good term with Tamaki Makoto played by Kaku Kento and was hoping the relationship would last. But she treats him just like the other boys in her class... 'just friends'


You silly-silly girl.

Can't you see the true ikemen staring at you and wanting to be with you?! sdfghjkl;

Kaku Kento... When his character appeared in the first episode, he was soooooooooooo Domyouji/Sawada Shin-like. Gangster-ish but very loud when saying 'BA-KA!'

Why me? Why didn't I realize this gorgeous being existed from long ago? WHY?!!

His face is like the result of a secret love child of Matsujun and Murakami Shingo. His face has the elements from both of them. I can feel myself slowly falling in love with you. :)

He was adorable in Samurai Highschool too. :D Too many ikemen in a drama will make my nose bleed. Miura Haruma, Shirota Yuu and Kaku Kenta. :)

I wanna post pic but stupid connection....