Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ooku kiss and Fuyu no Sakura love. :)

Other than my youngest brother's picture of me that he drew, my current laptop wallpaper makes me happy. :)

I'm currently watching Kusanagi Tsuyoshi's drama, Fuyu no Sakura (Winter's Sakura) and I kinda liked it.

I'm currently at episode 4 but I love the chemistry between Inaba Tasuku and Ishikawa Monami. I love Tsuyopon's acting. All Tsuyopon's dramas that I've watched, none I disliked. Of course, he may not be as handsome as KimuTaku sama or as cool as Shingo chan but Tsuyopon shines when he acts like a herbivorous man. :) Weak and adorable. I don't know, but there's something about his acting, no matter what character he takes on, I just love it.

Fuyu no Sakura is basically an adult love drama, not the porn/echi drama but rather adult love that the younger generation might not understand well. Monami is an older housewife with a husband and a daughter who went on a trip alone to Yamagata, hoping to see sakura blooming during winter. She got into accident (kes ragut ler..) and was saved by Tasuku.

He tends her and the two of them are drawn to each other.

I do hate the Monami's husband though. A hot blooded man, who is the Director of a large office and is having an affair with another woman, and he thought his wife had an affair. I hate stupid people like that, he can have affair and he is distant with his wife but got angry when he thought his wife had an affair with another man. Other than that, her daughter, Koto is very annoying too. I can understand the mother in law's strictness (don't all mother in laws like that?) but the husband and the daughter just plain annoying. :|

I'm just hoping the plot develops well and the character will be less annoying. I do love Tasuku's younger brother though, Inaba Hajime played by Sato Takeru. *hearts* :))))

Ah, I wanted to include some pictures but the stupid internet connection is being stupid and stubborn and slow at the same time so no images for now. :(

Forgive me, por favor? (lol, I've been watching CSI with spanish sub. yeah, i'm cool) :)

[p/s]: Edited so, there images now. :D

so, later all~~

Monday, April 25, 2011


Recently I went back home because I had this terrible home sick. Is that even a correct way to use it. Who cares. I had fun even though it was for only 5 days 4 nights. My youngest brother, Minic, was very good to me. He didn't throw much tantrum and he was much well behaved compared to the past few months. I guess pre-school kinda teach him to be well mannered. :D

So, I had fun at home. I ate good food. Celebrated my younger brother, Martin's 17th birthday on the 20th April and played around at the park. At night, I listened to Minic reciting his ABC and 123 (which is in Mandarin) and watch him draw and colors.

Ah, this is a picture of me, Minic drew:
Nice right? :D Though, when I said "It looks like you drew a ghost." He replied, "No, that's is you kakak (sister)." aaa... I see. xD

I love my brother non the less. :))))

So, I need to study. Finals are coming in a few days. Later all!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I miss my old school

I'm just a mess right now. I've completed some of my assignments and as I surfed through the internet, I found pictures of my old high school. It brought tears to my eyes.

It has been 5 years since I left town and studied in the university. Well, I do come back occasionally but, things had never been the same.

My best friends during high school, we didn't have anything to talk about. She'd mention names that I don't recognize and tell me stories about them. Her story seems so wonderful. My time with my classmates stopped after we graduated, when we were 17. I was among the lucky students, who were a little bit above average and got into a good university. In my class, there were only 3 students that were accepted into a university. 2 of my ex classmate got into a community collage. The other 25 students stayed behind and continued their studies in the lower and upper six, enabling them to spend two more years together.

I saw all their pictures in their Facebooks and blogs and you know I'd be lying if I didn't say, I wish I was there among one of them, even if in the picture, only half of my face seen, the other half is covered by a friend's hand doing a peace sign. Oh how I wish I could turn back time, but I know, even if turn the hands of time, I would still choose to go to a university.

I miss them. I miss the environment. I miss the smell of freshly cut grass, on a hot sunny day, when I'm about to have my physical education class. I miss talking like stupid with my friend, whistling seniors who are a few years older than I am. Saying "oooo... it's the cute guy," and I'm standing behind the cute guy's back with my best friend. Of course those are the things I can't do anymore and never will. I miss my teacher... well.. some of them.

My English teacher. I think he doesn't like me. I was always a troublesome during class. He can't hate me because I was the top in my class in English. English was my fort when I was in high school. My Math teacher. There were countless of times when your nagged us (me and the bunch of the lazy boys) and told us to stand outside when we didn't brought our exercise books. Those books were never accidentally forgotten. We were too lazy to do the homework, so we left it at home. Haha.. then, when the semester was ending, and the teacher wanted to grade us according to the finished exercise, I was one of those people who ran to the 'genius students' class to borrow their math books. Aaaa... good time.

I wonder if the "Marcia was here, 30/03/2005. 9.08 am" is still there, on the wall outside the classroom.

My class was never good in Mathematics. No, not Mathematics only but Basic Economics as well. Anything that has to do with calculation. We suck in such subjects. The passing grade is 40 marks. The highest I ever got was 32 in mathematics. The lowest was... well.. 12 marks out of 100. Haha... For 2 years, no one passed the 40 marks line. Then, only 2 months before SPM, we went through a Mathematic training. The teacher taught us which question that was likely to be asked and how to answer those specific questions. We all improved tremendously. Everyone got 30 marks and some even got 50 marks out of 100. Everyone was didn't believe it. :D

During History class, I used to sneak out with a guy friend and went to find some food at the canteen. Oh how we hated, Malay Literature class. It was so hard. Anyone who couldn't answer the question has to stand. Then, stood on the chair and finally, stand on their table. Remember how the teacher turned off the ceiling fan so the blades won't hit our head? Haha.. good times.

I miss those days and I do want to relive it. The best I can do now is to wait for reunion and hope that everyone will turn up. I miss you, class of 5B 2005!

Motto of the school: Maju terus maju. Sting Marudian Sting!

A teacher used this quote everytime he made his speech. "Anda kreatif, anda berjaya." Means that "You're creative, you'll succeed."