Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hot! Atsui! Panas!

The heat is unbearable. I made myself clear to not go out around 11-2 pm unless necessary (class). I rather skip a meal than die from the intense heat.

I'm just wearing tank top and short pants, a combination that I rarely used. Water is necessary and I kept a bottle of water next to me in bed.

Other than the unbearable heat, my PC maintenance test this evening was something that was over my expectation. If I was the only one who didn't knew the answers, it may be my fault because I just studied yesterday. I was a bit surprise seeing all of my classmate open their books or notes. And I think, when the lecturer noticed it, he went outside for ten minutes. To give was so the students can discuss among themselves. The question was really hard. Only 50% was in the notes and the rest of the answers were from the book that the lecturer didn't encourage us to buy because of the price.


Other than that, my friend Lina chan asked my opinion about the drug deals in Mexico. But, my information about drug deals in Mexico is very shallow. I want to introduce Pablo Escobar to her, because for me, he is one of the most influential drug lord of all time, aside from Joaquín Guzmán. But I'm still curious of why she wants to know about the drug deal in Mexico. Hmmm... :D

Okay. Updates on the movies and drama that I just watched.

Akai Ito Movie - I really like the drama and watching the movie was like watching the drama but skipped a lot of the really good scenes in it. The movie only had gist of the drama and I felt the ending was hanging. The plot was still original, like the movie and there was no major changes to the plot. Atsushi and Mei are still fated to be together but the ending made it look like fate wasn't on their side and it wasn't the happy ending I was looking for. Still, I love the plot and the movie would actually be good for some people who doesn't like to waste half a day to watch the drama. 3/5 stars.

Gokusen the Movie - The Johnny kids source of income. See here, Gokusen 1 - Matsujun Gokusen 2 - Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya and Gokusen 3 is Takaki Yuya. The plot is still the same, Yankumi is still being hated by her 3D class and at the end of the day, she will save her "precious student". Only in the movie, Ren (Miura Haruma) is suspected for being a drug dealer. And then, there's the whole 3D alumni. Yankumi's previous students and her met accidently. And yada-yada-yada. Actually, I haven't finished watching the whole movie yet. Just until the part Kazama Ren was suspected for drug. I think I'm still halfway through. It's rather boring, the movie. If it wasn't for the ikimen actors, I don't think I'd download the movie. 2/5 stars

Shonen Merikensack - A hilarious movie starred by Aoi Miyazaki and the other great cast. About OL lady, scouting a punk band, because she saw the band's last performance on the internet. What she didn't know was the video was taken 15 years ago and was recently uploaded to the internet. All the members of the bands are 50++ ojisan. A hilarious movie and opened my eyes a bit about punk music. I kinda like their song. Though, I didn't understand what the gibberish they were singing about. :D. Highly recommended. 5/5 stars

Dear Doctor - About a doctor in a rural village. I have this thing for men that wears uniforms and wear quater pants. So, basically I downloaded because of Eita and his prettiness wearing his doctor coat, with pink shirt underneath and quater pants. Blame me and my weird kinks. XD. It's a rather slow movie. Most Japanese movie that isn't the hilarious type would have slow plot. Hmm... I wonder why. I'll give it 3.5/5 stars

So, my post today would end here. It's been great writting some random things in a blog that I know no one would visit. *Throws confetti*


Finally, a pic, to show how hot it is. Though, it's just google pic. :D


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