Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello everyone!

Good morning world! *looks at the clock* 11.53 am, giri giri safe!

Starts a new day. Small updates:

-My cereal has all been eaten up. T_T no money to buy some more. I WANT CEREAL!
-Having an open book test this evening. Just covered chapter 3 and 4.
-Only 2 pages left for my trouble shooting essay and I'm free! Hopefully finish it by Friday.
-There's 2 tests next week. Tuesday and Thursday.
-Will submit an article review next Thursday but still haven't started to find those damn articles.
-My laptop hinges broke. Not one, but on both sides. Wow for me and there goes my 150 bucks!

Okay, 'nuff said. Let the pictures tell the story!

My baby!

I felt like crying seeing it like this

Done. It's all bare. T_T

What a perfect weekend is supposed to be like. My hinges broke the day after I bought the pizza and ate in front of it.


Can't believe I found this in the uni's library. Yay for the complete edition of this encyclopedia.

That's all for today. Come by later when I upload more images. :D
BYE~ *waving enthusiastically*

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