Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maxis payment. tsk.

Yea man~

Marcia 1 - Maxis Broadband 0.

My mom called me a few days back, saying my old maxis broadband's bill was sent to the house. It seems that my mom have been paying for a few months, even after I terminate it and started a new plan. So, I called the service center.

Apparently, I've been over paying. About RM78 over paid. And as for my new broadband plan, I haven't paid for 2 month. Lol. I was overdue about RM92. So I said, can I transfer my overpaid bill to my overdue bill? She replied with annoyance in her voice, "so you want to transfer.... *something something*?" and I said "yes". So, I think she has already arrange it and next month I only need to pay RM 14. xD

So, I will go now. I am still sleepy. xD


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