Friday, March 25, 2011

Things that I hate.

There are some things that I hate and annoy me to bits. I shall list them in non alphabetical order.

1- I hate people who sings on the top of their lungs, especially when it is 11 am in the morning and half the apartment is still sleeping. NO, I don't mind them singing. I HATE THE PART WHERE THEY SCREAM, in loud frikkin voice. If it's the angelic voice that made even the wild beasts smiling and purring like a kitten, then I won't mind. Then again, if her frikkin' voice sounds like a thunderstorm during a hot summer day, then, I'm sure even the beasts won't mind eating her. I swear, if I didn't know any better, I'd say she's trying to summon the devil while being possessed by a man. Yes, I believe she is possessed by a ghost of a man that died thirty five years ago. Someone please exorcise her.

Yea.. I was trying to find a possessed pic but found this instead. This will do. :D

2- Stupid classmate that didn't tell me the class was cancelled. I waited about thirty minutes waiting alone in front of the locked class. Waiting. Just waiting. I gave up, thinking the class starts late, so I just left. I thought no one would miss me if I miss one class. Then, at 6.30 pm I went to buy some lunch, and I saw one of my classmate. I asked, "did we have class earlier? I went but there was no one there." She looked at me. "Didn't you know class was cancelled?" .... My mind went blank. STFU.

3- Hypocrite. Ah, don't get me started on this topic.

4- A person I waited after I messaged, "tell me if you're already in front of my block." and waited for 10 minutes before she replied, "ah, I'm already in class." Oooo... Oh no you don't sister. I arrived late for class because I thought we would walk together to class. Never again, I tell you. Never. Again.

5- People who criticize other people without realizing their own flaws. You say I am unfair. You say people who laugh out loud while watching a comedy and cried watching a Korean drama from their laptop are crazy. I shall quote you. "Crazy what? Laughing like a madman in front of laptop." ... *sigh* Do you want me to record you laughing like crazy while watching a comedy? Well do you? I think I saw you laugh and cry 'lagi over' compared to the person you are referring to.

6- Still. I hate people who scream (as she calls it singing) on the top of their lung when someone else is sleeping. Yes.

Aaa... it's 7.30 pm. I rant more than enough. :D

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