Monday, March 21, 2011

My day today

Updates on Me: (Wow.. I sound so narcissist. haha..)

This morning:
I wore nice, clean clothes. Well.. there's always something wrong if I wear good, clean clothes. I was too lazy to iron my shirt. Though I was wearing my cardigan on top on my shirt, some of the wrinkle close to my neck was still visible. Damn.

After the end of the presentation, which I already presented last week, the lecturer said. "Well ok, out of 9 groups, no group put references in their slides. Only 1 group put a reference in their slide. Fatira's group." I was like 'EHHHHHHHHHHHH?!!!!!!!!' Fatira and I was shaking our head, and making hand gestures, implying we didn't put reference. But he ignores it and continues his talk. I feel like doing facepalm at that moment. haha..

So, to Fatira. -Apologize to the people. Apologize to the one group who did made reference but didn't get credit for it. And apologize to me because sir remembered your name, not mine.- Haha... Joking la.

Went to lunch with Fatt and I suddenly uttered, "FLIP It!" (which is an Information Literacy model, and was presented by at least 3 groups during my class earlier). Fatt looked at me and shriek.

"Like OMG. Why did you have to say something that was on my mind?!"

so I said. "OMG. You were thinking about it too?! OMG. Is it like.. we're destined to be together because out of millions of things, why did we have to think about FLIP It! model?!"

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