Wednesday, March 16, 2011

feeling depressed due to assignments

Being up at 3.30 am and doing my assignments while feeling guilty... this is the time when I wish I was at home, snuggling comfortably under my blanket or hugging my youngest brother while he tries to push my face away from him.

:(. I want to cry. I feel very guilty. It's my mistake, I know.

Forgive me? I made it harder for you. I guess, my guilt has been eating me from the inside, that's why I feel really bad right now. :(

I can feel these are the days when tears will freely flow down from my cheek. I am weak and I cry a lot. Most of the time, I managed to held it in, but sometime the tears just drop down, even when I forced it not to pool in my eyes.

Ah, I want my family at this moment. Or a friend to listen to me, as I cry my heart out.

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