Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ooku kiss and Fuyu no Sakura love. :)

Other than my youngest brother's picture of me that he drew, my current laptop wallpaper makes me happy. :)

I'm currently watching Kusanagi Tsuyoshi's drama, Fuyu no Sakura (Winter's Sakura) and I kinda liked it.

I'm currently at episode 4 but I love the chemistry between Inaba Tasuku and Ishikawa Monami. I love Tsuyopon's acting. All Tsuyopon's dramas that I've watched, none I disliked. Of course, he may not be as handsome as KimuTaku sama or as cool as Shingo chan but Tsuyopon shines when he acts like a herbivorous man. :) Weak and adorable. I don't know, but there's something about his acting, no matter what character he takes on, I just love it.

Fuyu no Sakura is basically an adult love drama, not the porn/echi drama but rather adult love that the younger generation might not understand well. Monami is an older housewife with a husband and a daughter who went on a trip alone to Yamagata, hoping to see sakura blooming during winter. She got into accident (kes ragut ler..) and was saved by Tasuku.

He tends her and the two of them are drawn to each other.

I do hate the Monami's husband though. A hot blooded man, who is the Director of a large office and is having an affair with another woman, and he thought his wife had an affair. I hate stupid people like that, he can have affair and he is distant with his wife but got angry when he thought his wife had an affair with another man. Other than that, her daughter, Koto is very annoying too. I can understand the mother in law's strictness (don't all mother in laws like that?) but the husband and the daughter just plain annoying. :|

I'm just hoping the plot develops well and the character will be less annoying. I do love Tasuku's younger brother though, Inaba Hajime played by Sato Takeru. *hearts* :))))

Ah, I wanted to include some pictures but the stupid internet connection is being stupid and stubborn and slow at the same time so no images for now. :(

Forgive me, por favor? (lol, I've been watching CSI with spanish sub. yeah, i'm cool) :)

[p/s]: Edited so, there images now. :D

so, later all~~

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