Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alpaca and Ice Skating

I recently watched Kanjani 8's Janiben show. It cracked me up so I decided to put 1 print screen to show how funny the show was.

Nite iru!!

You can download this episode at: o-e-sub.LJ

(this is the episode where the Japan's Miss Universe contestant came to their show. They ate, played with Alpaca and ate some more.

When I first saw that alpaca, of course I 'Kyaaaa'-ed and 'kawaiiiii'-ed so much when they showed that adorable alpaca. I thought Alpaca and Llama are the same animal, apparently not.

Below is an image that differentiate between and alpaca and a llama. :)

I now have the utmost respect for Alpaca, for being adorable. *still blabbering "adabaododahahsajiasudf" nonsense due to the alpaca's cuteness.*


Yesterday I went ice skating with Fatira. It was soooo fun. Yesterday's tentative:

10 am: Waited for the bus
12.30 pm: Arrived in Sunway Pyramid. Pushing people while screaming silently in my own mind, "move b*tch!". So Fatira and I went to Hartz and ate for about 2 hours. It's a buffet sooooo I ate a lot and confessed to Fatira that I am a carnivorous dinosaur rather than what she always saw me as a herbivorous dinosaur (...kind, gentle and does not eat like a person that haven't had any food for almost 3 weeks. LOL).
2.30-3.30 pm: Wandering around, shopping for cheap things at Daisho Japan.
3.30 pm: Ice skating with Fatira. I'm really proud of myself for being able to learn it quickly and skated by myself without any help after a few laps. Fatira still slowly getting the hang of it. New motto: Don't skate with someone who's weak in ice skating, i.e Fatira. She will drag you down. I never fell when I skated alone and when I tried to guide her, it ended with me falling on my knees. Hmmm..

8 pm: Ate a t Chicken Rice.
9 pm: Take a bus back to my uni. :)

It was soooooooo much fun~~ :) I want to do it again.

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