Friday, October 29, 2010

Meeting Lee Chong Wei

Okay, a few days back I was listening to the radio and heard about the Kaspersky antivirus's ad. Then it said "Meet badminton's champion's Lee Chong Wei in Plaza Low Yatt, on the 28th October." I was like "CHANCE!!"

My younger brother, MartxX has been bothering me to get Chong Wei's autograph or picture of him during my stay here in KL. Of course, I don't have time to go to Bukit Jalil to meet that guy, so when I heard he was in Low Yatt, I was really happy. Finally, one of my brother's wishes finally fulfilled.
[I am usually a bad sister to him, so this would make up all the evil things I've done towards him. haha..]

Then I realized,
my first paper starts on the 28th.


I called my classmate and she said our paper is at two. I was really down. Then, a few minutes later, she messaged me back saying our final actually starts at nine am.

With smiles on my face, I went back to my study table and studied.

Then, Thursday finally came. I answered the paper and it ends at 12 pm. I went back to my room, took my MP3, camera, books
[Dan Brown's Angel and Demon and empty book for Chong Wei to sign.] Around one pm, I waited at the bus stop.

After 2 bus ride and 1 monorail ride, I finally reach Plaza Low Yatt at 3.50 pm. There was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people. Chinese mostly, Chong Wei's fan I guess. I slip through the people and stood as close as possible to where he was sitting but of course I can't went inside the Kaspersky zone, because I was late and only people who bought the antivirus could sit in that zone.

I went to the 1st floor and stood about 6'clock from when he was sitting on the stage to sign autograph. I took a lot of pictures of him, some was blurry and some was very sharp. :)

So, finally after buying a thumb drive for a friend and surveying the 1.5 TeraByte external harddrive [which is really cheap, by the way. Only RM260. I bought my 600 GigaByte last year about RM220.], I made my long way back to my campus. Leaving around 4.30 pm and hadn't had anything to eat since morning, I messaged my friend to buy me some rice and arrived back at my room around 7 pm.

My stomach singing from hunger and my head throbbing from lack of sleep and didn't rest after my first paper, I went online and chatted with my brother and called him through YM. :)

I was really happy despite everything that has happened yesterday. :)

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