Friday, October 29, 2010

Colors of my life

I love green. I do, really! I love red too. Though, I was actually obsessed with these two colors because of Arashi's Matsujun and Sho's color font. xD.

I know, it's a very childish obsession. But hey, who can blame me. Those two men are attractive and the two colors also attract people to take a second look. xD

Name: 櫻井翔 Sakurai Sho
Date of Birth:1982 January 25
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 171cm
Weight: 60kg
Star Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: A
Family: Mom, Dad, younger sister, younger brother
Favorite Subjects: Japanese, Geography
Least Favorite Subjects: Anything related to math and science
Favorite Food: Pizza
Profession: Actor, Singer, Host
Talent Agency: Johnny's Entertainment
JPop Group: Arashi
Sakurai has the highest education among Arashi, being a graduate of Keio University, and has become the inspiration for younger Johnny's idols such as NEWS members to pursue higher education after graduating for high school
Sakurai is also a known promoter of education towards today's youth in Japan, being spokesperson for Jounan Yobiko, a known enrichment cram school back in early 2005.

+Sho's father is a government official.
+Sho's mother is a college/university literature professor.
+Sho's secret to success in studying for school is to put everything on hold, including his career, and spend at least 1 month in advance strictly studying at home or at the library.
+His favorite TV channels are MTV and Discovery Channel.
+Sho likes to read before going to bed.
+Sho doesn't feel comfortable or confident taking his shirt off for photo shoots.
+Sho's ideal girlfriend: sweet, simple, smart-dressed (i.e. no skimpy clothes), non-smoker, non-celebrity with intelligence and an independently thinking mind.
+Sho likes to surf the Internet on his free time.
+Sho has a passion for learning about History

Matsumoto Jun (松本潤)

Nick Name: Matsujun, Junji, King [By all Arashi], Jun-Chan, Matsumoto-kun, Do-S

Profession: actor, singer, host

Jpop Group: Arashi

Date of Birth: August 30, 1983

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 173cm

Weight: 58kg

Blood type: A

Zodiac: Virgo

Family: Father, mother & an elder sister

Interests: acting, music, dance, theatre, photography

Favorite Food: Noodles, dry plums, mango

Favorite Colors: White, black and blue

Favorite smiley: m(_ _)m

Favorite Sport: baseball

Enjoys: go to the beach and play with dogs… even though he doesn’t have a dog, shopping and buy clothes, likes to change his hairstyle.

See, they're so gosh darn adorable. *swoon*

Ah! I had Vegetable Tom Yam for lunch.
It was really really really reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hot + spicy + sour but I love it!!

Oh yea, this entry has no actual point actually.
I just want to share my love towards Arashi and Tom Yam.
Yeah. Both of them actually connects in a parallel universe... somehow.
Ah! Remember Arashi no Shukudai kun, where they played Sugoroku, and Jun's batsu game was to eat the very 'karai'/spicy Tom Yam from Thailand. And Jun said "Tom Yam ga daisuki!" He said he loves Tom Yam!
See, Tom Yam and Arashi are connected, somehow.

Later all~

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