Thursday, October 21, 2010

Me and the update

What the....

What language is this again?

The old language Optimus brothers used to talk with each other?
Aa... I see...


Please! Ignore Sam (Shia LeBuff)'s face. This scene was when he gone crazy in class.

People, you see the resemblance?!
Nah, just kidding.
That post suddenly went haywire and change its font into that.
I did changed it to another font but it refuses to change.
Well, that post is better viewed using Firefox Mozilla or any other app.
It just sucks using Google Chrome. :(

I should start studying. My paper starts on 28th.
I keep reminding myself that but when I opened the first page, my eyes suddenly went blurry and I felt sleepy. xD

I've finally completed one of the longest fic I've ever written, Saliva Tuesday. The sequel will start soon, I hope.
It was 55 pages and I am very satisfied with how it ends.
Some dies, some lives and some... just went unmentioned. :)
Well, all those are for making the readers feel the suspense.
I had fun writing it.
Some of the action scenes, I had to move my hands and feet to actually know the words I wanted to use.

Ah, I cut my hair last night, with the help of my house mate.
I'll upload the pic.

Uwa.. My hair was ugly. xD

Ah, that ugly thing on the right side at the last pic is my very normal and simple handphone. Samsung. Ah, those two things attach on it, are plastic eyes. Cuteeeeee..
I bought 3 pair of eyes to use on my blind teddy bear but I can't stand the simplicity of my handphone so... I used 'gam gajah' and placed a pair of eyes on the back. cute isn't it?

So......... I need to go now.
Tomorrow, I will write about my obsession with country music and oldies.
Move Tylor Swift, there's no room for you in my iTunes. There's only good ol' Randy Travis, John Denver, Grath Brooks. <3
Aaaa.. I love country music.


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