Friday, February 12, 2010

Grand Opening * camera flashes*

Finally opened a blogspot. Not that I really need one. My LJ is already dying because I left it far too long. *Lol*

Okay, this is the official blog opening in blogspot. *throws confetti*

Name: Kino no Kioku.
Means: Yesteday's Memory

Fitting ne? A blogspot being a place to store memories and stuff. Huhuhu.. It's better than having it called "Down memory lane." OMG. So tacky and very Hallmark card's plagiarized.

Why in Japanese?
I study Japanese as my third language so, there would be some Japanese words inserted in some of my posts later. Hahaha...

Ah, almost forgot. English is not my primary language and I spoke broken Malay as well. Bahasa Sarawak is a language I learnt during 3 years of my diploma and I'm getting good at it. My friends all critized me when I speak very Semenanjung-like and I'm not very fluent with the languages my mom and dad brought me up with (Kayan and Kenyah). But dispite all that, I'm a learner and if I spoke very broken English with improper use of grammar, tenses and other things, forgive me. I'm only human. :D

My name: Marcia
Nickname: Marucchi or some in LJ know me as k~!@#$%^ (not telling cuz LJ is my other private life)

Q n A

I am....

~ a student
~ obsessed with Japanese variety show
~ a procrastinator
~ part time stalker
~ a sarcastic person
~ a caffaine addict
~ a yaoi fan (used to be, but not so much now)
~ not very fond of going out and mingle with people.
~ a reserve person with weird preferences.
~ a fan of John Denver, Andrea Bocelli, Elvis Presley, Jim Reeves, Ray Charles.
~ in love with Sho Sakurai and Matsujun.
~ in love with the color red and green.

Wow~ So many things! Haha.. Well, I'll come back later. Ja~

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