Monday, March 26, 2012

Maeda Atsuko Graduates from AKB48

I'm still very sad with Acchan/Maeda Atsuko's news about graduating from AKB48. She is one of my favorite members and I must say, the first face that I recognize and knew the name. That was two years ago. Of course now I recognize most of the members in AKB48.

Beginners, River, Heavy Rotation, Oogoe Diamond are among the songs that I frequently listen to when I open my music player, so you can say I have soft spots for AKB48's music. When I first saw River's PV, the first person that stayed on my mind was Acchan. Maybe because the camera focused on her more, compared to the other girls. Mind you, back then I didn't know who they were. The only thought in my mind was 'more Momusu-like idols?'

Yes, there are other, more talented members compared to Acchan, who can sing, dance, or more idol like than the dead tuna expression that's on Acchan's face.

But I believe Acchan is the face of AKB48. With theme of "Idol you can Meet", Acchan is the perfect girl for this. She's like the typical most popular kid in school that lack of emotion but can be friends with anyone, because compared to the other girls she's not that perfect.

I read somewhere that she joined the entertainment industry to become an actress. I've seen a few of her dramas (Majisuka Gakuen 1, Q10 & Hana Kimi 2011) and movie (Densen Uta). There are some flaws but I believe Acchan also tried her best to carry her character.

Acchan, I wish you the best in whatever path you choose. You're still young, mistakes are part of the path you will take to be successful. You can still improve in areas that you lack off your dead expression in your acting.

Thank you for all your hard work in AKB48.
Otsukare sama deshita, Acchan. :)

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