Thursday, February 23, 2012

What ever happened to Ninomiya Kazunari and Sasaki Nozomi?

Remember this picture that surfaced about a few months back?

Yea. I guess much as well.

So, I read somewhere that there were many fans who were displeased with Nino being an item with Nozomi and (horror face) made petitions asking Nino to break up and sent those petitions to Nino's agency. Oh my. Fangirls can be rabid and scary sometime. *shudders*

I probably be one of them if Matsujun decides to hook up with someone I'm not too fond of. That's why I always say; marry an OL. At least it will give false hopes to fangirls that one day their idols will come and kneel in front of them and ask their hands in marriage.


So, back to our main topic. It seems that our beloved Nino decided to take a break from the lovey dovey 'just friend' relationship(yea, their agency denies everything. Deny all you want but see what happens with Jin. Just friends my ass.). I'm thinking he rather be loved by millions of fans than being just loved by one girl who can only sell much in commercials.

It's a pity though, they could've make beautiful babies. With Nino's good acting and Nozomi's .... gene, their babies could've been pretty.

So, bottom line is. Nino's a single man now. Are you happy now fangirls?

I do believe there will be girls screaming 'Hallelujah' with this news.

Oh well, official or rumors, I do love to read 'em. Later all!


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