Saturday, February 12, 2011

Realizing reality

I just realized something. I am a shota con. A freaking Shota con.

You and that cute sing song voice and adorable face of yours!
I swear I will start crying if I stare at his face much longer. -_-

Shota con : A woman who likes younger guys.

If I can put crying emoticon here, I would put it. I adore younger guys. I already told my friends that they should expect my range of possible boyfriend turn husband would either be 6 years younger or older. I don't actually want the same age as me. -_- yes, call me lame and baka, I'll accept it.

And I realized, I'm human after all. I've been reading shoujo manga all day, today. It made me want to experience the romance *bit handkerchief*. That made me a possible otaku as well. And all these times.. I thought my heart was made of rock or what's left of my heart was turned into charcoal. *tears* I do have human heart.

Otaku: Someone who is obsessed with anime, manga and video game.

Ah. I see. I do not play video games much and I can count the amount of anime I've watched. Probably 30 anime (accumulate for my whole life, so far) . But, I have to say. I love manga. Very much.

Lol, this manga made me drool.

Ooo.. Prince.. You're so cool!!

Miwa... You're so pretty.

Blood might spurt out of my nose if I read more chapters, I'm still at volume 4, because some of the chapters are corrupted. :(

Prince made me drool, but I'm much more attracted to Wicked. purrrr *naughty cat sound* The real Gui (I mean the professor Gui not the Gui in Second Life) is so kakkoi/cool. I can't find any decent picture of Gui. Gomen ne...

Shit.. that just made me one of the otaku. *palm face*

*Sigh* Now, I can finally embrace my inner Shota con otaku ness and faced the world without any regrets!


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