Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To flame or not to flame that is the question.

There comes a time when we are angry as hell and you wish that that particular person should die in misery and and their death could be repeated for eternity.

I recently met someone and befriended that someone. It seems, that in the end my first impression on that that person is actually accurate. *sigh* I really wish that my first impression of that person wasn't accurate. *sigh*

I wish I had a voodoo doll of that person. Poking the eyes looks soooooo tempting.

I just want to say... screw you and I hope you will be happy the way you are. I guess you are happy the way you are. that's why you're like that. I can't run away from the problem (that person) but I don't want to face it either. I guess.. I just ignore it and hopefully it will finally die on its own. Yea. That's it. Less carbon dioxide release into the air and more oxygen for me to breathe.

Thank you Google. <3

This wasn't supposed to be a hate post but, I just got angry all of the sudden. Forgive me people. I promise I'll return to my old self in the next post. *hearts*

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