Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Assignments? Gawd no~

I've came back to hell already. -_-;

And, I realized I had so many unfinished assignments left undone. Urgh. what is this feeling? Tiredness? Laziness? Dying little by little? Turning into a goo? All of those including the dying little by little bits. I need to stop my procrastination and begin to do my work. *sigh*

Ah, urgent news. My housemate just bought Bobo the rabbit another rabbit. A male rabbit. *rolling eyes* those two rabbit will start humping each other sometime soon. The name new rabbit's name is Popo, and he's a week or so smaller than Bobo. :)

I need to start doing my work now. Bye.

[p/s]: I'm loving the font.