Monday, May 24, 2010

My most listened to Jrockers, by Marcia. :D

Hello again~ You have to understand that I have nothing else to do. That's why I post in my blog two nights in a row. I'm currently unemployed and I make excuses to make people believe that taking care of a 4 year old baby brother is a really hard work.

Tonight, I'm gonna post my most favourite Jrock bands, visual-kei if you must. These groups or people were the ones that I first listened to when I was first introduced to Japanese music. I still remember that time I despise Jpop so much. Aaa... my youth days, why have you left me?

First off:

Dir en Grey (Diru)

*Debuted in 1997. *Singer Kyo Guitar Kaoru Guitar Die Bass Toshiya Drums Shinya
In 2002, their fame hit all of Asia. During their Asia Tour they traveled to Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. And in Shanghai, public safety officers had to be called in to calm the excited fans.

Malice Mizer

This was during the Klaha period, during the last years of Malice Mizer. Malice Mizer was really famous when Gackt was still the vocalist. The band eventually disband after hiatus in 2001 and shortly afterward, the drummer Kami died. The one in the blue dress with curly blond hair is actually one of my idol during my younger days and still is my idol. He's Mana, the leader of Malice Mizer. Now, he has a new group, called, Moi dix Mois.

In my 2nd semester of diploma, I used Mana and the rest of Malice Mizer including Gackt and Klaha as my Multimedia Macromedia final project. The title was Gothic Lolita, and thus, for 2 years the lecturer that taught me that subject nicknamed me "Gothic Lolita". I'm very proud that I used Gothic Lolita as my topic and I successfully spread it. ^_^

X Japan!! (w00t!! My fave all time!)



Omg! X Japan tops my most influential Jrock band all time. Even right now, I'm listening to Say Anything from the album Star Box Lol, I'm in love with them I have all of their albums, concerts and PVs.. X Japan is a four man group now due to the death of the guitarist, hide on May 2nd 1998 due to suicide. Though his family members and close friends still insist it was an accident. I also believe that it was an accident.

I can still remember one of my photoshop work was editing hide's picture. And that my friend was not the silly edit-and-make-it-my-wallpaper finished edited picture. I actually submitted it as my assignment. That is how X Japan influence me even in my assignments.

Finally, for this post for Jrockers.....


I really like Phantasmagoria. I especially love Kami Uta. Then just a few months adoring them, they disbanded and there was a tribute CD for them. Aaahh, why did they have to disband? They were inactive since 2007.

So, my post for today is up to here only. My next post (maybe tomorrow, maybe 4 hours from now, maybe next Friday... who knows. Only my internet connection can tell, or maybe my mum.. when she saw me depressed and so) will be the second part of my favourite Jrockers. Next will include L'arc en Ciel, SKIN (the super group Yoshiki created but still with no albums even after 4 years!), Gackt, Hyde, Duel le Quartz and Miyavi and a couple more bands!

I'm typing in complete darkness from the bottom half of my post till the end so forgive any spelling error. Remember, I'm just a simple human being who is typing my blog only by using the sensation of my fingers on the keyboard and the dim light from the laptop screen (which is really hurting my eyes by now.) So goodbye and I bid farewell to all~

Until next post!

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