Monday, January 16, 2012

You will be my successor

All this time I thought I was the number 1 narcissist in my family tree. It was proven wrong today when I wandered into my cousin's FB page.

My eyes almost popped out.

Her face covered the timeline pic. I don't blame her. People love to put pictures of themselves on their timeline so others can "oooo... you look cute."

She have two cellphone. One of her handphone is the same brand as her boyfriend. So, one day, I 'accidentally' unlocked her handphones, and to my horror, she had pictures of herself as her wallpaper and her screensaver.

After further investigation, I found out her boyfriend's handphone' wallpaper is also her face.

*Taking imaginary crown and placeit on her head and pointing at my imaginary gold throne* You shall sit here and be my successor.

Make me proud. *teary eyed*

P/S: Pic is courtesy of google

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