Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A sudden demise.

Today, it is a sad day indeed. One of my turtles have passed away. It (He/She) will be missed dearly.

I was about to bath them this afternoon when I saw one of the turtle was in an awkward position. Its head was under one of the other turtles, with all its limb out of its shell. Worried, I quickly moved the other turtle and was shocked when I saw the turtle already closed its eyes.

I lifted it, but it didn't move a muscle. I placed my finger on its neck and I felt like crying when I didn't feel a pulse.

I called out to my mom. "Mummy, saya rasa satu kura kura ni dah arwah." (Mummy, I think one of this turtles is already dead).

My mum rushed out and she also had a sad look in her eyes. She mentioned that this was the turtle that rarely came out of its shell. After that, a simple burial was done for the deceased turtle.

My younger brother dug a shallow grave near the chicken hut and buried it there.

In sadness, I mental wrote a poem for the turtle.

My Turtle

It was a few years ago when you were found and was welcomed by our family.
All the time spent with you until now was never enough for me to get to know you better.

Words cannot describe how much I felt when I saw you being slowly laid into the grave
Tears was on the brink of falling down but I bit my lips and force myself not to cry.

When I saw the other six watching you being laid into the grave,
I looked away.
It wasn't because I wanted to ignore them
but it was like they knew you were gone and never coming back
and I just can't face them.

I never loved you enough, like an owner to its pet.
Unlike Alfred, the biggest one or James Toney, the youngest one,
I never named you.
There were times when I forgot to feed or bathe you.
For that, I am sorry.
I admit, there are times when I am a useless owner.

Yesterday you were still there.
Sitting with your siblings (as I call them).
You were hiding in your shells
while your sibling swam around the aquarium and ate the food I threw in.

Today, you took you breath for the last time and closed your eyes.
You didn't hide in your shells anymore and showed us your face.
Thank you for being my pet for the these few years.
You will be missed by your siblings and all of us.

Thank you.

A picture of the siblings. Ah, they're not actually siblings, but I address them as siblings because they are all turtles.

The deceased turtle was one of them. I cannot differentiate them from this picture. Gomen.

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